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06 May 2010

Dog Ear Records Rocks ! ♥

I have to admit ... being a fan of Nobuo Uematsu & Final Fantasy, I have not followed their updates till recently. I'm so excited to receive news from that the long awaited album, "Distant Worlds" is now available to listen for free at above website. The album is yet for sale tho. Furthermore, it was announced "Earthbound Papas" is Nobuo Uematsu's New Band Project. Overjoyed! ~ ^^♥

Furthermore, the release of "Cellytheme" Album has been great news to me. Never imagine they would release Final Fantasy songs purely played by Cello only. Very unique to me. This album consist of 6 tracks: (1) Battle Theme, (2) Clash on the Big Bridge, (3) Eleanor Rigby, (4) Immigrant Song, (5) Land of Hope and Glory, (6) Those Who Fight Further (FF7). Track # 6 being my favourite, what else! Heehee...

Dog Ear Records Studio has also released another album called "PIA-COM", last year Q4. After listening to the tracks, I recalled they are from some old Nintendo games. Very classic huh. Tracks are all of piano version. Detail & Available Download Here ->

And lastly, another album written by Nobuo Uematsu himself, "Nobuo Uematsu's 10 Short Stories". Unique name. It's related to 50 anniversary album. See official website here -> Website looks very adorable. Have yet to hear the tracks. One of the websites mentioned track "Coconut Castaway" is Nobuo's first composed track.

Can't wait to hear.

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