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06 May 2010

April / May Goodies ♥ ~

Back from M.I.A. (^_^;;) (_ _;;)

And got myself some goodies for these couple of months. Took pictures of some cute ones. Have a look. 

MIKE の Calico Neko. Bought this from Strapya-World.

Another cute cat (stealing fish) bought from Strapya-World.

My Monster Hunter Pugi Collection. Just realized all are from Play-Asia. Cawaii ne?

Lastly, this cute Chibi Megurine Luka. Compare to her original appearance, it's a huge difference! Spent about B$ 60 just for this, inclusive of EMS shipping with 50% off. Imagine without discount, I would have spent about B$ 75~80! Lucky me! She is double the size of my mobile. Guess not so bad <3 . Her hair is kinda "heavy" that there is a support specially to hold her hair.

So... What you think? Money well-spent? Hmm... 

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