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08 June 2009

Kingdom Hearts Series - Daisuki ♥ ! -

Believe most Square Enix or Final Fantasy fans have heard of Kingdom Hearts Series. Kingdom Hearts are action role-playing games (RPG) where chara from Final Fantasy Series & Disney combined. Quite fascinating to have 2 different world of chara getting team-up.

Unfortunately, I myself did not play the game (coz of the intolerable … continuous … annoying … quacking by Donald Duck -_-;;). I have read the Manga though… The storyline, chara, battle style, etc … all looks good to me. I especially love their figures. Not to mention the attractive Final Fantasy Chara of Kingdom Hearts Version.

Let’s see Kingdom Hearts Series Chronology!

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (abbreviated as KH bbs)

  • Is the prequel to first KH series which took place ten years ago ...
  • Will be released in PSP Console (hurray!)
  • Tentative release date: Dec 2009
  • Depth Details in Wikipedia
  • More Screenshot in MagicBox
  • Japan Official Website

Kingdom Hearts (abbreviated as KH)
  • The very first KH series where the game goes on to introducing their World & the dark force known as Heartless. Our main protagonists are Sora, Riku & Kairi where their friendship got twisted, complicated and messed-up in the midst of the evil plan ...
  • Released in PS2 console on 28-Mar-02 (JP) & in Nov-02 (EN)
  • In additional, KH Final Mix is resulted on 26-Dec-02 only available in JP
  • More Reading in Wikipedia
  • See our favourites Final Fantasy chara at Magicbox
  • Official Website

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
  • Is the direct sequel to KH where Sora and his teammates entered the Castle Oblivion where they will find their Lost Memories. However, they are forewarned that to find is to lose and to lose is to find... What does that means?
  • Initially released in Game Boy Advance on 11-Nov-04 (JP) and later in PS2 on 29-Mar-07 (JP).
  • Be sure to check-out their unique card battle system
  • See at Wikipedia
  • Screenshots at Magicbox
  • Official Website [A] [B]

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Is the interquel between Chain of Memories & KH 2
  • Released in NDS on 30-May-09 (JP)
  • Read @ Wikipedia
  • Screenshots at Magicbox
  • Official Website [JP] [NA]
  • Original Game Merchandise @ Play-Asia

Kingdom Hearts 2 (abbreciated as KH 2)
  • This is after the Chain of Memories Incidents
  • Released in PS2 on 22-Dec-05 (JP)
  • Was later follow-up by KH 2 Final Mix + on 29-Mar-07 only available in JP version
  • Check-out at Wikipedia
  • Plenty of Screenshots at GameSpot
  • Official Website [JP] [NA] [EU]

Kingdom Hearts Coded
  • This is after KH 2 where story focuses on a message found in our lil' friend Jiminy Cricket's (from Disney) journal.
  • Released in Japan Mobile Phones on 18-Nov-2008 (JP). Good news that Square enix has plans to release this game in other territories (:
  • More details in Wikipedia
  • IGN
  • JP Official Website

Having check-out the above makes my hands itchy. Guess I'm already far behind for the first couple of series. Probably I'll stick to the Manga and later its PSP game ^^.

Which would be your favourite Disney Characters? For me is Mickey! The King of Disney. His disappearance & re-appearances make his chara so mysterious.

I saw couple of upcoming games, i.e.: Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS3), Kingdom Hearts: Realm of the Dissouled (WII) ... I have not heard much about these 2 rumored KH titles yet. Wonder even if there are for real. See discrepancy notes HERE.

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Final Remarks? Kingdom Hearts ROCK v^..^

-f - εїз - εїз -

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