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13 June 2009

Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition ~ Back to the Classic !

My friends just wouldn't believe me when I said I've started gaming FF 1 remake, which is the 20th Anniversary Version in PSP console. They know me well that I judge & choose my games in terms of graphics and battle style but ... It's Final Fantasy in Remake Edition?! Why wouldn't I? I myself actually surprise too and gradually got addicted to it.

This game is very well remake. The graphics have improved a lot compared to the original game released in NES & later Gameboy Advance & today in PSP <3

Don't believe? Check-out below!

Hmmm... Classic, isn't it? And today in PSP ....

More Screenshots

Obviously, I need not say more on the comparison. It's beautiful.

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New Upcoming Best Version

I have 2 more crystals to pursue! Seems to end soon... Can't wait ~
Players out there... &joy the game. If you need the PSP game saves, I'm happy to share. PM me.

- εїз - εїз -

* P/S * : I found a great Final Fantasy Wiki website, specially for Final Fantasy fans. Worth viewing!

* P/S * P/S * : More Final Fantasy merchandise can be found at Play-Asia. Click my side banner to enter their homepage (:

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