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01 April 2009

Don't Get Fooled Today !

Happy April Fools' Day!

I bet eve
ryone has heard of this popular Day before. Bad news to us, it's not a public holiday but most countries do celebrate this day by getting fooled or you playing a prank on others.

And yet little did we know of its origin, history or tradition. Unfortunately after reading from wikipedia, the origins were never clearly understood & written. Haha... guess we will never how it came about. However few assumptions were listed down. Read more by clicking HERE.

Do check out the section "Real news on April Fools' Day". I'm particularly interested in these 3 bullet points: -

  • The merger of Square and its rival company, Enix, took place on 1-Apr-2003 and was originally thought to be a joke.
  • The announcement of the anime version of Powerpuff Girls, Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, was on April Fools Day, causing many to think it was a joke.
  • The game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was announced only a couple days before April Fools' Day. Forums were flooded because so many thought that the two rivals since the 90's. Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog, appearing together in a video game as an official 2008 Olympics game was a joke.

People think too much sometimes? Hehe...

Wanna send a practical joke to your friend now? These websites may help.

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