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18 March 2009

Amazin' Cosplay ♥

Ever wonder what does the popular word "
Cosplay" means? Per online definition, Cosplay actually abbreviates for "Costume Play" and participants usually disguise themselves with outstanding outfits + unique accessories, looking similar to the characters from Anime, Manga, Games, etc...

Japanese cosplayers are definitely in my top list! They look pretty amazing and awesome.

Don't believe? Check out some of my game chara cosplay pictures collection below. Credits to owners as I found them from net randomly.

Ashe from Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy X & X-2 Chara :
Left to Right : Auron / Yuna / Rikku / Lenna
Comments on 3rd pic : Love the way how the cosplayers post the standing style of Rikku

Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children Version
Comments : Amazing. One of my favourites.

Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children Version - Chara : Kadaj

Final Fantasy 7 - Cloud

Kingdom Hearts on the left & middle picture. Suikoden on the left pic.

JP cosplayers rocks! ^^v

- εїз - εїз -

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