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10 January 2010

Bring Back Memories ~

Petting Siamese Fighting Fish was one of my favourite hobbies in my early twenties.

Bought a few of them but they lived short, average 2 years. Their lifespan is suppose to be approx 2~4/5 yrs.  Manage to capture few photos of them. Apology for low quality pictures (only had lousy mobile in the early days). 

^^ And I named them ...
(Photos from top to bottom) : Alpha >> Beta >> Charlie >> Omega
Alpha and Beta is the first male batch. They died early, near to 2 yrs. Suspect is the incoming water with high chlorine content as I only use tap water, per the shop keeper :(

Charlie was bought later. She has short tail and fin, thus a female. Her colour facinates me - white plus slight pinkish - a very nice combination. This had been my top favourite. Died after about 2 yrs I bought her. Unfortuntely never manage to find the same colour again in any shop :(

Last picture of this photo-column is Omega. She was my second favourite.

Photos from (L) to (R) : Omega (male) and Epsilon (female) was the last batch. Epsilon is almost colourless / transparent which can see thru his internal organs easily. Both died within the same week but they had managed to lived near to 3 yrs! Causes unknown. Not sure if it's the water again. It started with no appetite and less aggressive :(

As of today, not rearing any fighting fish. Shop only has very common bluish / reddish color ><

Below are some fishes from my uncle house aquarium. They used to have a lot than just these. I remembered a bath-tub full of colourful guppies.

Looking at the fish can sometimes calm one's mind & soul ... at least that's how I feel.

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