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31 October 2009

Time for Monster Hunting !

Yup. You read it right.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is one of the games that I have been busy with my PSP these recent months. Heard it's very popular in Japan. Japan players actually gather and meet-up for multiplayer quests. Pretty amazing.

At first, I have been reluctant to play ever since a friend intro and urge. I find the chara movement is a bit slow and hard to control in the early Monster Hunter (MH - Part 1 & 2).

I finally gave in. Reasons due to ... got motivated by the anime "Gintama" which shows the parody of Monster Hunter from episode 121 to 124. Haha XD. Of course, that's not my only reason. I also find improvement in the Freedom Unite where my chara is now able to move better and quicker response time . Thus, addicted to it. Not a good player still but slowly move on with tough quests. (Urgh... looks like my chara still sucks!)

Our best loveable Mascots in these Monster Hunter Series are the Pugi (Piggie) and Felynes (Neko). Cute and funny as always.

I actually found one nice & cute MH PSP theme. Get here. You won't regret downloading it.

Way before knowing this game popularity, my colleague and I have noticed the Merchandise of this small cute MH Pugi figure. Thus, we bought one each for ourselves at random pick from Play-Asia. These are what we got by luck ^^

(Piggie's Fashion Name: L to R : Sleepy Pig White & The Naked Emperor [I got this ] )

Play-Asia has quite a few Merchandise for MH now. Couple of months ago, I've pre-ordered one Monster Hunter Pugi Plush Doll (by Banpresto) releasing in Nov-09. Can't wait to get them! (You will know which I choose later or sooner ^^)

Below is another mini MH keychain (looks like Sushi Chef <3 ) that I bought from Singapore in Sept-09 for about SGD 6.90. Quite pricey for its mini size.

And now I'm very tempted to buy its Mascot Stamp Keychain. The printed stamps chop are quite cute. Oh gosh... Should I buy? (~.~;;)

Nya ~~~~~

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