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30 October 2009

More Kingdom Hearts Mascot Keychains

Remember my post on this?

I received my orders (Cloud & Sora only) in late Aug-09. The keychain chara is about 3.5 cm in size. The real thing is similar as seen online. Colouring & quality are quite satisfactory.

Now they are releasing more other charas!
(Pics credit to Play-Asia)

You will see familiar chara : Axel / Sephiroth / Squall / Sora (Halloween Version) / Vivi.

Like my friend quoted, "This is the first time we see Sephiroth in cute version! LOL". I have to agreed with her. I'm quite disappointed with Vivi looks tho. Not very cute to me ...

Anyway, this new series set will be releasing in Jan 2010.

Merchandise @ Play-Asia

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