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08 August 2009

Incredible Music !

Return from M.I.A. and back with more collection of MVs which I'm very addicted to recently. Sit back and &joy the random MVs !

BOA new hip hop side surprised me greatly.

Big Bang Rocks The Night ! <3

Something I thought it's interesting to include here... Ha-ha.

Woooooow.... Hot Hot ! ^^

A New Hero... Looks like Junior Version of Rain to me. He-he...

Love the new electronic beats

Sexy Sexy. What more can i say?

Start off with classic film look alike. My favourite scene is where Koda Kumi cries when the lover left her. Extremely cute when her tear drops ... Love it.

I like this song. The stage set up is awesome.

"Maestro" he is. Unbelievable talent he has. Rapping in lightning speed. In another word, frigging crazy to me.

This MV sure is violent. Remind me of the movie, SAW.

Guess that's all for the time being .... or... to be continued .... (:

- εїз - εїз -

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