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21 June 2009

Toyz Collection Fun Photo-ing

Was excited to receive my new toys on 20-Jun-09 afternoon. Not much but very satisfy with what I got. Below are some of the photos I took this weekend.

(From Japan)

This is the electronic kitten meow keychain which makes the meow meow sounds ^^
The meowing doesn't really sound like a kitten but... it's selling at promotion price! So I bought it.

Here's the details from Strapya-World.

(From HK)
I finally decided to buy the Summer Version of Toro / Kuro from Doko Demo Issho :D
See my
related post.

Additional to my current collection ^.^

More of their collections ...

* Jun in phone call *

* Pierre ironing cloth *

*Ricky - Chow Time! *

* Toro - Housekeeping *

* Who finish the sake? *

* Suzuki & Toro - At School *

- εїз - εїз -

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