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11 May 2009

Final Fantasy VII Crazy Complication ♥

Wooot.... News~ News!! Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete (Special Edition) has released on 16-April-2009!!! This limited Blue-Ray Disc consists Final Fantasy XIII demos, a 20 mins demo anime of Final Fantasy VII Denzel Episode ~ On our Way to a Smile Novella and many gooodies!!!. Awesome!!!

More detail reading here.

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Asides of this limited edition, they also keep producing other interesting complication of FF VII. Let's see what other tie-ins they have.
  • Final Fantasy VII ~ Last Order

    This is released as a short OVA (about 20 mins) together with the FF VII AC. It shows flashback of our favourite characters, Zack & Cloud whom were on the run from Shinra and... etc etc! [Don't wanna give any spoilers here]

  • Reminiscence of Final Fantasy VII
    This Reminiscence recaps the entire story of Final Fantasy VII. I myself have not collected this yet. Not much comments to give here. Do check out more reading at Wikipedia.

  • On the Way to a Smile ~ "Case of Denzel"

    This ~ 45 mins anime shows what happen to Denzel in between the time of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children where Geostigma infected most of the people whom exposed to the great pour of Lifestream which save the Planet from Meteor.

    (More release)

Messy storyline huh.
Here's the Event Sequence / Chronology of Final Fantasy 7 ...

Before Crisis Core ~ Prequel, 6 yrs before FF 7 Main Event
Crisis Core ~ The Story of Zack as well as beginning of FF 7
Last Order ~ Pieces of Prequel scenes prior to FF 7 Main Event
FF 7 ~ The Main Story Unfolds ...
FF 7 AC ~ 2 yrs after the Brink of Planet Destruction Incident
FF 7 Dirge of Ceberus ~ 1 yr after FF 7 AC
On the Way to A Smile ~ Novella of FF 7. Case of Denzel was set in 4 yrs after the Fall of Meteor Incident.

Hope i got this right.

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