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21 April 2009

Epik High ~ Map the Soul <3

Woot !!

I have finally received this album today from post office!!!
It took one week to reach Brunei from Korea. This is my very first original
album bought from oversea.

Wanna know more about this Korean hip-hop group? Click here.

(Credits: - Below is extracted from

Epik High Members is composed by: - DJ Tukutz
DJ Tukutz (Jung-Shik Kim, 김정식). Born on November 19, 1981.
First got into DJ-ing in the summer of ’95 while spending his time at illegal raves and warehouse parties, where his passion for the scene and music began. He started playing at local raves and parties in Japan's underground Hip-Hop scene, before moving up to South Korea in 2000 to attend the Technics DJ School. After returning from the academy, he hooked up with Tablo and headed to the states. He worked and DJ-ed on radio shows, live events and clubs around the Boston and NYC area. "Turntablist 4 L.I.F.E." -DJ Tukutz-

Mithra Jin
Mithra Jin (Jin Choi, 최진). Born on January 6, 1983.
The mighty Mithra Jin, a.k.a. Choi Jin, was originally a poet whose poems also worked as rhymes. Park emceeing and poetry readings were the first places where he met his future partner Tablo. They were introduced by a mutual friend and clicked right away because each other's style of poetic rhymes was comparable.
"I'm capable of anything. Anything on the face of this planet, I'm capable of. And I know that. That's the dangerous thing about me, 'cause I know it. And by knowing it...I'll do it. Just to show that...yes, somebody out there got enough balls to do it" -Mithra Jin-

Tablo (Sun-Woong Lee, 이선웅). Born on July 22, 1980. Attended: Stanford University in California, USA.Tablo was a big Hip-Hop fan ever since he could remember, listening to old Run-DMC and Cold Crush tapes and always rhyming around the way in South Korea. But there was one emcee who inspired him to take it seriously. After he heard Drunken Tiger rapping, he became part of a group called Epik High in 2000 and also claimed to be the first emcee to invent the rhyming rifle. In the fickle world of Hip-Hop, Tablo kept his name alive over the years by doing shows and various cameos with the EPMD. "Verbally intelligent" -Drunken Tiger-

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Wanna try hear this album song? You may download one track from here.
Wanna buy it straight away? Click here: - Official Website.

What makes me buy it? Hmmm... Probably is because of the song "One" from their previous album which is fantastic!

More of this Map the Soul vids ~

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Epik High rocks!

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