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09 March 2009

Nobuo Uematsu the Great !

Being a fan of Nobuo Uematsu, I just can't not writing about him in my blog!

Name: Nobuo Uematsu (NB)
Born: 21-Mar-1959 @ Kochi, Japan
Occupation: Japanese Musician cum Composer

Joined Square (later known as Square Enix) in 1985/6 and left later in 2004 where he formed his own Company called Smile Please. He's a very respectful music composer in the Gaming Music Industry, especially the role-playing game (RPG) of Final Fantasy Game Series.

I would reckon few of his achievements in life are: -

  1. Being a very successful composer for over thirty FF game titles & other gaming music.
    (I understand from other website's source that he even composed music for Anime)

  2. Officially a composer of Square in 1985, i.e.: at age of 26.

  3. Formed the rock band, well-known as Black Mages in 2003 where Nobuo is the keyboardist.

  4. Founded his own Company, Smile Please in 2004.

  5. Created the music production Company called Dog Ear Records in 2006.

  6. ... and plenty of other Performances / Concerts / World Tours (^^ )

Official Websites: -
NB Square Enix Official Website (US)
Smile Please Official Website
Dog Eat Records Official Website

Other Unofficial Fan Websites worth to check-out: -
Unofficial Fan NB Website by Michael Huang
Fantasy Reborn by Michael Huang
Square Sound by Tim
Arnold Morrison's Website

I have yet to collect all of his masterpieces. Hope to collect as much of his collection as possible (^^ )

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