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27 March 2009

Earth Hour in Brunei !

Woow! One Hour in Darkness!

My Country, Brunei has joined this Lights Off Campaign this year scheduled on 28-Mar-09 at 2000 hrs, local time. I'm glad and proud that my Country is participating. See article in our e-Newspapers.

Let's turn back and do a lil` research on what Earth Hour is about.

Brief Details
Initiated by Sydney, Australia
Founded in Year 2007
Campaign action is to switch off all electrical appliances + lightings for 1 hour with the objective to save energy & raise awareness of the Impact on our Earth Global Warming.

Participant in 2007 - Sydney, Australia (Initiator)

Participant in 2008 - 35 countries
Participant in 2009 - 82 countries

Official Website: Link

More details reading in Wikipedia. Check out the awesome "Google darkened homepage" for that 1 hour of Earth Hour by United States, Colombia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland and the UK on 29-Mar-08.

You will be surprise on how one can make a big difference. 

Sign up for Earth Hour

Looking forward to seeing tomorrow response (:

- εїз - εїз - 

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