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06 March 2009

DJ Max Rocks !

For PSP lovers, if you love music-mixing games, the DJ Max series are highly recommended.
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These are their compilation till date: -

DJ Max Portable (2006)

DJ Max Portable 2 (Mar 2007)

DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition (Oct 2008)

DJ Max Technika (Oct 2008)
Note: This is only for arcade. Guess not release in PSP console.

DJ Max Portable Black Square (Dec 2008)

DJ Max Trilogy (Dec 2009)
Note: This is only for PC.

DJ Max Fever (Jan 2009)

Its games can be downloaded at via torrents.
Hints: Try type at search - DJ

Whereas the original game can be purchased at

My overall comments
are the music for all the game series are more or less similar thru' out though. But still... i'm addicted to it ♥

Still more for download!
This link allows you download the Clazziquai Album songs.

( ^ ^)

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