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31 July 2008

Singapore Trip

Just back from Singapore for 5 days trip. Went for shopping and one-day work. And actually overspent to my expected budget (- -) ... Broke ...

Spent on
a Sony Ericsson Mobile for my mum, 5 pieces of clothes, facial / body care products, a mobile bluetooth, 2 cosplay necklaces and 4 sets of toy for myself (^^). Thus, my Bluetooth D.☺.B. : - 29-Jul-08 (^w^)

Also did try on the vampire knights outfit (the girl main character uniform) at one of the cosplay shop @ Suntec City. One set of that outfit is about S$200+. Tried and forget the photo (-_-)... Besides this, they also have Outfit of Tifa (FF7-Advent Children), Naruto, etc ... ...

My Cute Lovely Toys & Stuffs from Singapore ... ♥♥

Merchandise Link @ Play-Asia

More of my Singapore Photo Album: - LINK

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