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13 July 2008

2☺☺8 - B!g §pending

(D.☺.B : - 13-Jul-2008)

Today my dad & I have spent on a NEC-laptop. Have been surveying & checking with friends for couple of weeks and finally get this. Shared among myself and my bro for the sake of computer courses. Hope the specs do give us satisfactory performance.

(D.☺.B : - 12-Apr-2008)

Another earlier major spending is our Suzuki Grand Vitara ☺
Speed-wise ... please do not compare with sport car with high specs engine, otherwise, it's a great family car. Consists lots of safety features.

More spendings to come? I hope not ...
Orelse, I'm going to announce bankruptcy sooooooon ... LOL ... (+ +) (- -) (_ _)

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