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07 June 2009

Look ! Who finally got i-touch !

Toro said "Grrooooooooveee to the beats yo~ " LOL XD

After deep thoughts, my brother finally bought one ITOUCH! But after discussion, I volunteer to share the cost with him... Afterall, he's not working yet. .... Meaning.... another gadget I spent on this year!!! -_________-

But it's worth the price. The gadget is amazing, eventhough I have yet to fully utilize the functions.

So I guess IPHONE has far more greater functions than this. So does cost-wise! As far as I know, ITOUCH seems to have everything except phone function & camera comparing with IPHONE.

Hmmmm.... does B$ 1.3k IPHONE worth the price?

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Interesting to know!
Only recently, I heard from a friend about Japanese colleges are giving each and every of their student an ITOUCH to track them via GPRS and for sending homework / assignments. My first reaction? Crazy! Japan always initiate unique action.

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